CLG Management, LLC
Management Consulting Firm

Services offered:
*  Disparity Studies
*  Availability Studies
*  Goal Setting
*  Contract Compliance Services
*  Program Design & Implementation
*  Community Outreach
*  Business Development Services
*  Training
*  Meeting Facilitation
*  M/W/DBE Certification
*  Project Controls/Scheduling/Document Control
*  Human Resource Services


A number of terms are used to identify a statistical analysis tool that can provide an entity with information to support its economic development initiatives.  The terms availability/utilization study, diversity study, or disparity study are used interchangeable to describe this tool. 

The benefits of conducting a disparity study will help provide the legal background for decision-making on small, minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprise programmatic initiatives; provides assistance with business outreach; and, assists with modifying current procurement policies and processes. The study will also identify the number or percentage of firms in a local geographical market compared to other areas.  It can also show if firms from the local market area are concentrated in certain business industries or perform certain types of work.  

Once a study is completed it can be used as the framework for designing an incentive program to assist with maximizing contracting opportunities with an entity. Another benefit of a study is with the crafting of an innovative workforce development initiative.

CLG Management LLC is experienced in providing services from the initial research statistical analysis, anecdotal analysis to designing the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement processes. 
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